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Postdoctoral Fellows Program

Knowledge of actinide science continues to be essential to the US and central to the mission of the NNSA, including national defense, global security, energy security, nuclear nonproliferation, environmental restoration, and radioactive waste management. Seaborg Institute Postdoctoral Fellows are supported in the areas of science, technology, and engineering that underlie missions in stockpile stewardship, nuclear energy and safeguards, nonproliferation and forensics, environmental restoration and transport, biological interactions, and radioactive waste management. A balance will be maintained among the many research areas. Support for this program comes from LDRD and from PADGS, where one fellowship will be supported by the Strategic Outcomes Office (SOO). Seaborg Institute Postdoctoral Fellows, as part of the future generation of actinide scientists and engineers, are instrumental in maintaining sustained excellence and enhanced external visibility in actinide science and establishing a broad intellectual community for actinide science in support of Laboratory missions.

Application Process & Eligibility
Successful candidates must be approved for division funding by the LANL postdoctoral program (http://int.lanl.gov/science/postdocs/), and have a clearly defined one-page Seaborg Institute research proposal that supports new actinide science. For the SOO-supported fellowship a clear connection to Global Security missions must be described. The proposal, a nomination memo from the mentor, and a copy of a complete LANL postdoctoral application package constitute the Seaborg Postdoctoral Fellow application. Both US and non-US citizens are eligible. The program will provide approximately half-time funding for two years. Funding is subject to all LDRD augmentation rules.

It is the sponsor's responsibility to ensure that each package:

  • contains a one page research proposal, distinct from research proposed elsewhere.
  • a nomination memo from the mentor.
  • a copy of a complete LANL postdoctoral application package.
  • is submitted by the deadline.
  • provides the anticipated start date of the candidate.

Please submit the application package electronically to Susan Ramsay at ramsay@lanl.gov by 10 January 2014.

Selection Process
A selection committee will rank applications based on academic excellence and relevance of the candidate's proposed research to fundamental actinide science, and for the SOO fellowship, relevance to Global Security missions. Final selections will be made by the Seaborg Institute Director and Deputy Directory based on rankings, program balance, and budget.

  • Reporting Requirements
  • The Fellow will be required to participate in the Actinide Science lecture series by both attending lectures and presenting a scientific lecture on actinide science in this series.
  • Submission of a viewgraph and brief write-up of the project.
  • Provide metrics information as requested.
  • Submission of article for the Actinide Research Quarterly publication.
  • Provide a list of publications and presentations resulting from Seaborg support on an annual basis.
  • Upon completion of the appointment, the Fellow will be required to submit a short report on research progress, publications, presentations, and future employment status.

Continued funding will require compliance with the above requirements.

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